Captain Supertooth cartoon character flying


Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains important details regarding booking a Captain Supertooth visit. Please read this entire page prior to submitting our online Request Form.

What does it cost to have Captain Supertooth come to my school?

Captain Supertooth is a program of the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation and is provided to schools and nonprofits free of charge. Each student receives a free toothbrush and brush chart with instructions for proper brushing and flossing and a message to parents.

When are Captain Supertooth visits available?

In 2000, The Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation launched the Captain Supertooth program as part of National Children’s Health Month, annually observed in February. Today, the program is available throughout the school year.

How do I request a Captain Supertooth visit?

The process starts with the online Request Form. Please carefully read this entire page before you submit our online Request Form.

If we submit a request are we guaranteed a visit?

The Captain wishes he could go to every school every year, but our resources are limited. Please see the Captain Supertooth Program Overview for selection criteria and guidelines. We appreciate your understanding as we try to reach as many Oklahoma kids as possible!

Why is the program limited to kindergarten through 3rd grade students?

The Captain’s presentation is designed to effectively communicate oral health basics to children ages 5-8. The boisterous character can actually frighten Pre-K students, and students beyond 3rd grade tend to be “too cool” for a costumed superhero! (Note: If the Captain is booked for kindergarten classes at a school, she can include a visit with that school's pre-K classes.) 

 (See our list of resources for preschools and daycares on this Web site.)

How many students can participate?

The ideal setting is a group of 75-100 students in a cafeteria or gym. Visits to individual classes are an option, but a larger venue tends to make a stronger impact on the students in addition to being more fun! Presentations to groups exceeding 100 students are possible but require a microphone and sound system. Single or multiple performances are available, depending on the venue size and school schedule. The Captain Supertooth Coordinator will work with you to devise the best possible program for your students.

How long does it take?

The presentation lasts 25-35 minutes depending on the crowd size and interaction.

What does the school need to provide?
  • Presentation venue (cafeteria, gym, classroom)
  • Private changing room or enclosed area located close to the performance space where the Captain can change into his/her costume. (Cannot be student restroom but can be faculty restroom.)
  • Scheduling Contact - This is the person who will work with our Captain Supertooth Coordinator to plan your program. It’s very important for this person to be available by e-mail.
  • Onsite Coordinator - This is the person the Captain will check in with upon arrival. This person will assist the Captain with child supervision at the performance site.
  • A table to set up in the performance space for use during the presentation (card table or 6 ft table, etc.)
  • An electrical outlet to plug in the Captain’s musical accompaniment.
  • A glass or bottle of water to quench the Captain’s superhero thirst.
Can non-school entities book a Captain Supertooth performance?

The Captain Supertooth Program is primarily intended for Oklahoma schools. However, if resources allow she may be booked for health-focused special events (such as health fairs) sponsored by non-profit organizations. The Captain cannot be booked by preschools, daycares, or for-profit businesses.

Who do I contact with questions?

Please submit the online Request Form first. Include any booking-related questions in the comments section of the online form. For other questions, contact Anne Thi at 405-607-4771 (OKC Metro) or 800-522-0188 Ext. 771 (Toll Free) or e-mail us at